Nutritional Counseling

We provide one-on-one nutritional counseling in person, online, or over the phone.  We tailor our sessions to each individual's needs and often create eating plans, develop short and long-term behavior goals, and provide accountability and support.  Follow-up sessions may be scheduled, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and are usually 30 or 60-minutes in length.  A follow-up session will involve our reviewing food records, if applicable, discussing and updating goals, and problem solving difficulties and road blocks.


Eating Disorders

Our team is specialized in supporting people who are struggling with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, etc. Our goal is to help you develop a healthier relationship with food and your body. We believe clients can recover and live a vibrant, happy life. 


Intuitive Eating

We believe in a non-diet approach towards wellness, providing support in developing intuitive and mindful eating skills.  


Medical Nutrition Therapy

We provide nutrition education and support for various medical conditions including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal concerns, PCOS, and much more.  


Autism Spectrum Disorder

We take a holistic approach towards working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families.  Together we will examine various aspects of your child's health and discuss dietary and supplement options that may help support your child's wellbeing.  Common areas of interest for families include the following:  

  • Evaluation of overall health of diet, including recommendations for picky eating and problem feeders, 
  • Elimination diets
  • Gastrointestinal Distress
  • Supplements, such as Omega-3, probiotics, and comprehensive multivitamins
  • Dietary support for sleep


Corporate Wellness Programs and Presentations

We have provided corporate wellness programs to various companies and have given presentations and brown bag lectures to facilities across Houston.  Common presentation topics include the following: Eating on the Run, Grocery Shopping on a Budget, Nutrition Made Practical, Mindful Eating, Portioning Your Plate, Superfoods, and The First Steps to Wellness.