Insurance Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in Taste of Life! If you are planning to utilize insurance, please refer to the information below to ensure you have coverage for registered dietitian visits. Our being in-network with your insurance carrier does not guarantee that your specific plan covers your visit.

We suggest calling your member number (typically located on the back of your insurance card) and asking specifically about the following:

1) Do you have coverage for a nutrition consultation (billed as CPT S9470 [nutrition counseling], 97802 [medical nutrition therapy - initial visit] or 97803 [medical nutrition therapy - follow up]?

2) What specific diagnoses are covered (ask for specific ICD-10 codes [weight loss, diabetes, etc. all have different codes])?  A diagnosis code often used is Z71.3 (dietary counseling and surveillance).

3) Do you need a physician referral for insurance to cover your visit? 

4) Do you have a maximum number of visits, co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible to meet?

Once you have this information, please contact us again to schedule. If you do not have coverage, we have self-pay options. If you do have coverage, we will take care of all of the billing.

We appreciate your taking the time to determine your coverage. This will save us both a lot of time and should keep you from getting any surprise bills.

If you need further help determining your coverage, please feel free to contact us!


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